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Looking for Version 1.4f? Click here.
Looking for Version 1.4e? Click here.


bullet the 1.4g Base update will NOT fit on a floppy disk.  It may, however, be burned on to a CD, and then installed from the CD.
bullet Support for updates is only available if a support contract is in force.

View the 1.4g Readme File

Welcome to Power POS / Retail Power Manager 1.4g Update


Install BASE Update(~5MB)


Updates Below require a password
Call 800-646-4767

bullet Install Accounts Payable Update (~600KB)
bullet Install General Ledger Update (~600KB)
bullet Install Payroll Update (~600KB)
bullet Install Sales Orders Update (~500KB)
bullet Install Clothing Matrix Update (~600KB)
bullet Install Rentals Update (~500KB)
bullet Install Remote Merge Update (~500KB)

Please select "Run" and if you are presented with, "The publisher could not be verified.  Are You sure you want to run this software?".  Please click "Run".

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