Modern Solutions For Your Business!

Retail Consulting

The proper software for retail determines your the ease of your success. Should it be Industry Specific, a cloud app, or a general retail solution that can be tailored to your needs? We walk you through a comprehensive analysis of your business operations and business need to make the proper choice easy and affordable.

I-Phone and Android Apps

Over the years we have learned the inner workings of a host of businesses; dry cleaning, retail stores, courier services, pest control, heating & air conditioning, escort services, to name a few.. We originally developed desktop database applications to replace paper / manual processes that were not automated or part of existing software. Over time this development effort moved from desktop applications to web based databases, and then web applications , and now mobile Apps and mobile websites.

App Partnerships

As our customers and technology matured, we partnered with many of our customers and took their applications to the next level, as enterprise or multi-tenant Apps which harnessed their unique expertise and our development capability, realized as a phone or tablet application.

Website Development

Many of our customers needed an online presence to tout their business and or sell their products and services. We have developed a Rapid Store Template which allows us to deploy a customized website for our clients with a shopping cart in a minimum of time and expense. These websites can be easily maintained by our clients without any programming knowledge and in many cases integrate directly with the software that is used in their brick & mortar operations.