NEWS FLASH – POWER POS NOW Runs in 64Bit Windows!!!!

Unbelievable but true.

PowerPOS will NEVER go obsolete because of Windows 64 bit architecture!

The truth is that Microsoft is phasing out DOS and its “NTVDM” (New Technology Virtual DOS Machine), and it will also retire the 32 bit architecture in the next 5-10 years. In fact, Intel, has recently stated that it will no longer be making 32bit drivers for their next crop of new processors.  So the idea that 32bit will continue on into the future is clouded by the possibility of obsolescence.

The answer is HERE!  We now have a Virtual DOS Emulator that we can install for you that works in ANY windows version, either 32Bit or 64Bit.  It is called PowerDOS.

We NOW can include PowerDOS along with Power POS to allow it to run in ANY windows version.

These are the features and how they would compare with a Virtual Machine installed on Win 64.

PowerDOS Emulator 32 bit Virtual Machine running in a 64 bit environment.
Native Support for Printers, and pop up printer selection, including PDF output “Net use” must capture windows printer and sometimes needs DOSPRN. Captured printers disconnect easily, no on the fly printer selection
Full screen mode or window Clunky window in window with poor window resolution
Disabled “X” in windows, will not allow the window to close if files are opened The dreaded “X” will close a window with files opened and damage PowerPOS files.
Smooth, wide awake, timeslicing, because it is a 64bit compatible program. Windows VM can fall asleep and become unresponsive.
Affordable;  installed, configured and supported by our support team. Must Pay for someone or take the time yourself to configure a virtual machine
Supported By POS Support. Supported by others.
Use all the memory capabilities of a 64 bit OS for speed and other programs. Limits Virtual Machine use to 4megs. Dual stacked operating systems slows the software down.
PowerPOS window allows for easy use of windows clipboard. Limited clipboard support

PLUS you can also get all these features with the 32bit windows OS as well.

PowerDOS is available  to ALL PowerPOS users, and works in ALL new and OLD versions of windows.  Its also available to anyone else who wishes to run a DOS or 16bit Text based app on their windows 64 bit computer.

Call us for details…. 800-646-4767 option 2, for Support.

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Modern Windows Networking PROBLEMS

Recently, networking has become “dicey” between Windows 10 machines as well as Windows 7.  We have spent many support hours trying to figure out the problem and then coming up with a “unified” solution.  There is another article Here, however things have become worse and not better, since then.


After configuring all the network connection properties for sharing without a password in a LOCAL network, the other computers can NOT see or connect to the “Shared” folders and printers.

After trying MANY things, here is a remedy that we found and it seems to be repeatable.

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UPDATED!! Install Win 10 32 bit version for PowerPOS on your Windows 10 PC.

OK, now that the Microsoft FREE update to version 10 is over. its back to Reality.

Now-a-days a new PC will come with Windows 10 64 bit version PRE-INSTALLED.  However, Microsoft is NOT leaving its 32 bit clients in the lurch….  In fact they have included BOTH the Windows 10 64 Bit AND 32 bit versions in the SAME License.  That means to convert your machine to 32 bit version, which is 100% compatible with POWER POS, all you need to do is reload the Windows 10 32 bit version on to your PC…(You already OWN it!!).

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