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To efficiently service our customers, POS analyzed the early computer market to identify prevailing trends. This analysis lead the Company to develop "The Seven Essentials of Computerization". Today, these Seven Essentials provide the foundation for company's business strategies. A brief history follows:

The correct HARDWARE for the application.
POS looked at the major computer players in the early days of computers, giants in the market like Digital Equipment, Wang Computers and IBM. POS recognized that what made people decide to use these companies was based on the fact that when they sold a computer system to their corporate buyers, they didn't just sell the hardware and the software. They sold computerization as an integral function.

The correct SOFTWARE for the job.
POS analyzed further, and determined that when a million dollar computer system was sold to a corporate buyer, such as Nabisco or GM, the sale did not end with the installation of the equipment, but included the installation of the entire array of software to perform the job required.

Now, with the hardware and the software in place, the computer company sent in crews of people to enter data for the customer -- customer lists, inventory counts and vendors, etc.

Still, although the data was properly entered into the system, the job was not done. To continue, the companies sent in "trainers" to instruct personnel on using the new million dollar computer system -- training designed to obtain maximum efficiency for the corporation.

After the trainers left, the computer companies provided ongoing telephone support to assist personnel with the numerous questions that arise with on-going use of computers.

Hardware SERVICE
Sometime, and for whatever reasons, computer systems fail or malfunction. In these events, the corporate buyer must rely on the timely and capable services of the computer company to correct the often untimely problem. Computer companies of the early days realized that the on-going repair and service for hardware failures was essential to providing customer service.

Lastly, POS observed that computers required a continuous flow of supplies for operation paper, ribbons or cartridges, diskettes and the like.

In the early days of computerization, providing the seven essentials outlined above were critical for a major computer company to establish its market niche. However, somewhere along the way these companies lost sight of seven essentials leading to the decline in fortunes of some of the most prestigious companies in the industry.

Having identified the Seven Essentials of Computerization, POS developed the Seven Essentials of Point of Sale™ to provide these services to its clients.

Small business owners need the Seven Essentials of POS™ more than the large corporate customer. Why? Because the small business owner cannot afford to hire an MIS Director or MIS Staff.

"When IBM introduced the personal computer, had they decided to provide those personal computers with all seven essentials of computerization, companies like our would not exist today. IBM decided instead the responsibility of the computer for the small to medium-sized business ended at the loading dock; and that other companies, such as POS would provide all ongoing products and services."

Michael W. Turner, President, POS International, Inc.

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